Other Voices: Festivals 2015 - Lisa O'Neill

Lisa O'Neill OtherVoices Electric Picnic

Once heard, Lisa O'Neill is impossible to forget. 

The singer-songwriter from Cavan possesses not only an unmistakable voice, but also a turn of phrase that is completely her own.  Whether wryly crooning about Elvis in her kitchen, or musing over potholes in the sky, Lisa spins a web of sound that is never short of beguiling.  Her performance of 'Red Geansaí’ at Electric Picnic 2015 was no different. Singing acapella, Lisa shares a bittersweet story, set upon the "ripples and the moonlight of the roaring Royal Canal".  As a song, 'Red Geansaí’ is mournful and romantic in equal measure.  As a performance, it contains that inimitable spark of a live moment - honest, unadorned and never to be repeated in quite the same way.  A highlight of the new album Other Voices: Festivals 2015. Listen to 'Red Geansaí’ below.